Capricorn weekly 22 to 28 tarot reading 2020

In addition, you will enjoy and perhaps excel in sports. Another area where you will excel or enjoy is anything to do with the entertainment world and the hospitality industry. Children will become an increased sense of joy for you because your relations with your kids will improve. Parents will be proud of their kids in the coming year. Above all, you will feel a greater freedom of self-expression and you will not feel that you have to hide from the world anymore.

Beginning this week, you are entering a year-long window of time where you will improve where you live.

Daily Horoscope

You might sell where you currently live and buy something better. You might move because you rent something bigger and better.


You might stay where you currently live and improve it by redecorating and renovating it extensively. And possibly, you will stay where you live but you will make money through real-estate speculation. These are all possibilities. By extension, your family life will improve. Family members will be more generous to each other and they will be happier and more joyful.

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This is the part were Tiny Tim says, "God bless us everyone! The benefit of Jupiter in the coming year for you will be subtle but pervasive.